I am Satterfield is a professional beach volleyball player who has been competing in pro events for 6 years now. He has represented Team USA in two Pan American Games (2015 & 2019) and has played in a few other international tournaments representing USA Beach as well. Over the past 12 months, Ian has spent most of his time playing in professional beach volleyball events across the US. Ian also coaches volleyball and has been doing that for over a decade. Ian dabbles with photography/videography as a hobby and he is  currently working on launching his own online business that will be a Direct-to-Consumer website.

QWhat is your favorite outdoor activity? Why?
AMy favorite outdoor activity is beach volleyball. It’s something that everyone can play and have fun doing (as long as they aren’t taking it too seriously). Beach volleyball is one of the quickest ways to make friends and meet new people. It’s also a great workout if you’re looking to burn fat and get tan.

QWhy did you want to be a geckobrands Ambassador?
AI’ve had a geckobrands waterproof backpack for years and it’s been one of my favorite bags to take with me when I travel. It gives me peace of mind that my valuables will remain safe from the elements like rain and sand.

QHow would you explain what geckobrands represents?
Ageckobrands represents freedom and exploration. No limits. When I think of geckobrands, I am reminded of security and durability. Do anything active and not have to worry about your valuables.

QWhat geckobrands product is your favorite?
APaddler 45L Waterproof Backpack.

QHow do you use your Paddler 45L Waterproof Backpack in what you do?
AI take it with me to the beach when I train, on hikes when I like to adventure, and on trips where I need to compete in wet conditions (which seems like every tournament outside of California haha)

QWhy do you feel geckobrands can make an impact?
AI feel like the beach volleyball scene doesn’t have a brand for bags that really dominates the market. Tournaments outside of California seem to rain more often than not. Having a bag that keeps everyone’s valuables dry and protected seems like something people would want.